Let’s face it, if you are coming to Vegas for the weekend you are not planning on getting much sleep with all of the nightclubs and pool parties going on so we have some tips on how to drink all day and not pass out.  Here are some tips to make sure that you can keep your composure, not pass out and keep on going.

How to Drink All Day and Not Pass Out

1. Pace Yourself (Yeah, right…. )

While you are only going to be in Vegas for a few days, you have plenty of time to pace yourself. The last thing you want to do is be the one in your group that passes out in the hotel room and misses “the best night ever,” or even worse passing out in a club, restaurant, hotel and being escorted out of the hotel or back to your room.

This means that there is nothing wrong with opting out of a round if you feel like you are crossing the point of no return.

2. Maximum Volume, Minimum Impact

Of course you are here to rage, but if you are going to be at a pool maybe start off with some ‘Summer Water’ or drink beer during the day to make sure that you will last through the night. You are going to need a drink that is not too heavy when it comes to ABV (alcohol by volume) is critical here. The lower the better.

So drinking a beer (typically between 4-7%) or a low ABV wine can mean the difference between making the entire day and having your friends put you in a taxi and send you home. 

3. Eat

Make sure and take advantage of the amazing restaurants that Vegas has to offer and eat before you hit the pool party. Also, you can order food at all of the pools in Vegas so make sure that you are eating.

What should you eat you ask? Complex carbohydrates, DUH, so things like oatmeal, whole-wheats because alcohol is primarily absorbed by the small intestines just like carbs. Blood Alcohol Content is affected by gastric emptying rates, put something more substantial in there, like Cheeseburgers, eggs, steak, etc. Proteins and fats take longer to digest so cheeseburgers & chicken wings are a superfood there is a reason that these items are considered “bar food.” Make sure that you eat more than just breakfast though.

Not only will keeping plenty of food in your stomach slow the rate of alcohol absorption, but it will make you feel full, which will encourage you to drink slower. We know that this is hard but try to avoid foods with tons of sodium, since this will dehydrate you.

4. Drink Water, Vodka + Water Works Right?

Water is your friend, do not drink soft drinks, soda water or anything but water, obviously outside of the cocktails. Aim to have one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume. If you want to save money and not buy bottles of water all day long just substitute water for a mixer. Hydration is absolutely critical for maintaining proper brain function. We usually try and order one glass of water with every cocktail that we order.

Aim to have one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume.

The more that you start to dry out the more your head will hurt and the harder thinking will become, and this my friends is a slippery slope. Since you are not planning on sleeping very much, you are going to want to drink as much water throughout the day as possible.

Definitely drink as much water as you can before you go to sleep. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it makes you pee more, which can lead to dehydration (one of the major causes of getting sick from drinking, and also of hangovers).

5. Stay Cool

The temperatures in Vegas can top 110 degrees in the summer time and most will be spending most of the day outside by the pool in the sun. Bad call. Heat and alcohol are a very bad combination. A published a study by womenshealth.org, says that drinking, overtime can damage your heart and raise your blood pressure, in addition all of the extra calories and sleeping through the gym, when you are hungover, can cause weight gain (another factor in high blood pressure.)

Because alcohol is a diuretic and you’re already losing a lot of fluids, this is a bad combo. Heat can also exacerbate the symptoms of drunkenness. Hang out in the shade and stay as cool as possible.

6. Supplements

Alcohol is a diuretic which means that if you are on an day drinking all day and you are taking our advice and drinking a glass of water for each drink you consume, then you are going to be peeing A LOT. When this happens, you are not only losing water, but valuable nutrients, like B vitamins and other electrolytes.

You can get these supplements back by either eating foods with these vitamins, drinking sports drinks like Gatorade or better yet Coconut water, or possibly one of the hangover drinks, all which contain electrolytes and vitamin B of some sort, or Emergen-C.

If you are really getting after it and have a couple of free hours the next day you can order a IV from one of those mobile IV companies that are popping up everywhere these days. Just make sure that you are getting the banana bag, (Vitamin B12 and some other vitamins.)

Some also recommend taking aspirin as you drink (do not exceed recommended doses). Aspirin has been show to interfere with the action of alcohol dehydrogenases, thus slowing down the rate of absorption. Using Tylenol (acetaminophen) is a definite DON’T as you can really damage your liver.

If you are interested in reserving an IV direct to your room let us know and we can help get this set up for you through one of the companies in Vegas like IV Rescue and Push IV.

Maybe people choose to caffeinate while drinking. It’s true that it will keep you more alert, but it will not keep you more sober. In fact, this goes against the “listen to your body rule,” because you are artificially tricking it into thinking it’s better off than it is. Drinking caffeine with alcohol Drinking Caffeine with alcohol can lead to serious blackouts, think the original Four Loko’s (Also known as the ‘Blackout in a Can‘.)

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