So a friend of yours has decided to take the plunge and is getting married and now you are stuck planning an “the most epic unforgettable” bachelor party that has ever been planned, think the Hangover. If you are planning a Vegas Bachelor Party then there are a number of other things that you can do that doesn’t involve being in a gentleman’s club the entire time.

So coming to Vegas for a bachelor party is not going to be cheap and planning it can be extremely time consuming depending on how many people you are coming with. You need to decide what kind of a bachelor party this is going to be, is this going to be a one big blow out with only your college buddies and your current friends or are you coming with your fiancée father and brother, etc. Think about this because this will more than likely change the dynamic of the trip.

There is always going to be plenty of families that are roaming the Las Vegas Strip but Vegas is still very much an adults playground and with the rise of the pool parties especially when the sun is up. Las Vegas is the Mecca for soon-to-be grooms and their friends. Las Vegas has something to offer for almost every group whether you are looking for a blow-out bachelor weekend, a relaxing weekend with your buddies, an outdoorsy weekend or a weekend of full of sports and activities. Las Vegas has something to offer for everyone. The city can accommodate almost any budget.

How to Plan a Bachelor Party in Vegas

Planning the perfect bachelor party is going to take a little bit of planning, so don’t show up and expect to plan your trip as you go. Whether you are making it a relaxing weekend with your buddies and hitting up one of the many spas in the city and relaxing by the pool, hitting nightclubs and pool parties or anything in between it is going to be easier when you have already made reservations.

Making reservations in advance will create a much better overall experience for your entire group and will allow you to do things that you might not get to do if you are trying to do everything as you go. Not only will you save time in the long run, you will more than likely save money also. Towards the end of this post there will be a orange button “When are you coming to Vegas,” click that and we can help you with pricing on transportation, nightclubs, etc. 

Step 1 – Who is Coming to Vegas with You?

Make a guest list. Ask the groom to write down the names of the people he wants to come, then contact each person with the dates of the trip. Give an RSVP date that’s at least a month before the trip is scheduled so you’ll have an accurate head count. Ask each man to tell you if he’s willing to share a hotel room with others to determine how many rooms you’ll need. Make sure that everyone forwards their travel itinerary to the person planning the trip.

Step 2 – Book Your Hotel Room

Choose your the hotel that your group wants to stay at. There are plenty of room deals to be had if you do some research, book far enough in advance and DO NOT come on one of the following weekends.

The hotel that you choose will depend on what kind of bachelor party you are planning and what kind of budget you have. Some of our favorite places if you want to be in the middle of everything is The Cosmopolitan, Aria, Wynn + Encore or the MGM Grand. If you and your group is on a tight budget then you can look at the Hard Rock, Planet Hollywood, MGM Grand, or the Monte Carlo.

If you are on a budget I would recommend staying on the Strip, the Hard Rock and the Palms are not what they once use to be and you don’t want to spend all of your money on taxi’s to the strip.

Once you determine the hotel that you want to stay at, call the hotel directly and see if you can set up a room block, this might do two things. The first thing that this will do, is allow each member of the group call the hotel and book their rooms directly, that way one person is not putting up the money for everything and then worrying about collecting for friends and friends of friends. The second thing, is that the hotel might offer you a better rate depending on how many rooms you are booking. Lastly, if you set up a room block far enough in advance the hotel will put most of the rooms close to each other, if not right next to each other.

Step 3 – Plan a High Level Schedule

It will be in your inclination to try and plan one of everything each day, meaning that if you are in Vegas Friday, Saturday and Sunday then you are going to want to do a pool party all three days, nightclub all three days, dinner reservations all three nights and you are going to gamble, etc…. There is nothing less fun than rushing from event to event and not being able to take time and enjoy everything.

I recommend the following itinerary for a normal bachelor party weekend in Vegas:


  • Daytime (noon to 6pm) – Pool Party / Hang at Hotel pool / Walk the Strip
  • Evening (9-930pm reservation) – Big Dinner with Everyone (Choose a restaurant in your hotel.)
  • After Dinner (11 to 1am) – Grab a cocktail in your hotel, or another hotel and gamble.
  • Strip Club (1am to 6am) – If you are doing a gentleman’s club then this is the night that I would go.


  • Daytime (12pm to 7pm) –Pool Party with everyone.
  • Dinner – Everyone is on their own to eat.
  • After Dinner – (11pm to 3am) – Nightclub with table


  • Daytime (12pm to 7pm) –Pool Party with everyone.
  • Dinner – Plan one final dinner while you have everyone together to talk about everything that happened over the weekend.
  • After Dinner – Either Nightclub or just Gambling depending on what everyone is in to.

Having a high level plan like this will ensure that everyone is at all of the events where you are celebrating the bachelor but will also let them enjoy their time in Vegas how ever it is that they want to. Once you have decided on high-level schedule, we can work with you to determine the best options for your group when it comes to the pool parties and nightclubs.

Choose your the hotel that your group wants to stay at. There are plenty of room deals to be had if you do some research, book far enough in advance and DO NOT come on one of the following these holiday weekends.

Plan One Big Bachelor Party Dinner

While, in your head before you to Vegas you want to plan a different dinner each night, but rather than do that we would recommend that you plan one big bachelor party dinner, the first night that you are in Vegas. If you are looking for something that has a scene you can eat at STK or Beauty and Essex at the Cosmopolitan, SW at the Wynn is amazing as is Andrea’s at the Encore. Unless you are staying at the MGM, I would not recommend eating there, these days in Vegas every hotel has great portfolio of restaurants for you to choose from.

One of the advantages of eating at your hotel is that it takes less effort coordinating with a larger group.

Bachelor Party Activities

There are a number of other activities in Vegas that do not include nightclubs and bottle service, like golfing, shooting guns, trips to the Grand Canyon, and driving race cars or exotic cars at the Las Vegas Speedway. There are so many things to do that you need to be selective with your time. While going to the Hover Dam and the Grand Canyon might be cool, that isn’t really something that you are going to want to do on a bachelor party in Vegas.

Drive a Exotic / Race Car

If your group wants to drive exotic cars, like Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, or possibly Nascar Car there are a number of companies that offer that service. For the Nascar Experience you are going to want to check out The Richard Petty Experience. For exotic cars you can choose from Exotics Racing (which has a number of options of cars) and Dream Racing, which has Ferrari’s.

Shoot a Machine Gun

Shooting Machine Guns in Vegas

If you guys want to shoot fully automatic machine guns then there are a number of different options from the Machine Gun Experience, and Range 702 and Battlefield Vegas. All provide a different assortment of guns for you to shoot. They have everything from vintage machine guns and AR-15s, UZI, to a Thompson Machine gun. Each company will offer a different packages for you to choose from.

Playing Golf

Playing Golf in Vegas

If you and your buddies like golfing then you might want to get off the strip to one of the many Vegas golf courses like The Wynn, the Bali Hai Golf Club that is almost walking distance from Mandalay Bay, Rio Secco, and Bear’s Best to name a few of the golf courses that are in Vegas. Depending on the course the green fees starting at $30 to $300 per person. If you want to get out and play a little but don’t want to spend the entire day on the course, you can always get a quick nine holes in at Calloway that is located close on the Strip, close to Mandalay Bay.

To Strip Club / Gentleman’s Club

If you are going to hit up one of the strip clubs in Las Vegas while you are there, there are only a couple that we recommend and those are Crazy Horse III, Rhino, and Sapphire’s in no particular order.
Don’t waste your time or your money at places like Lil Darling’s, Cheetahs, Club Paradise, etc….

Gambling in Vegas

Gambling in Vegas

Almost every hotel on the Las Vegas strip has a casino, DUH. Most of the casinos offer some kind of education for games like craps, and baccarat and you can buy a card that you can use at the table to play blackjack. I would say play slot machines but you are going there to party and have fun.

Almost every hotel on the Las Vegas strip has a casino, DUH. Most of the casinos offer some kind of education for games like craps, and baccarat and you can buy a card that you can use at the table to play blackjack. I would say play slot machines but you are going there to party and have fun.

Step 4 – Make Your Reservations

When it comes to your flights and hotel you are on your own. When it comes to all of the events and activities you can either spend the time and book everything directly with the venues or you can find a host that someone has used in the past or complete the Coming to Vegas link below and we can connect you with our own person that can give you a quote for each item, book each item and then will meet you and your group to walk you into the venue.

When Are You Coming to Vegas?


  • Each guy is going to need to bring a pair of dress shoes and a couple collared shirts if you are planning on going to nightclubs, and board shorts if you are planning on hitting up pool parties.
  • If there are more than eight people in your group get a limo, you will save time on cab lines and the price will be about the same amount since you will have to take three cabs.
  • Nevada is a NO Tolerance state when is comes to drugs, so don’t do them and don’t ask for them.
  • You can drink while you walk down the Las Strip.
  • Taxi’s can only pick up at hotels, by LAW.
  • Make sure that you hit up IN-N-OUT BURGER on Tropicana and the I-15 at least once, if you have never eaten there, you can thank me later. You might also want to check out Secret Pizza at the Cosmopolitan or Five50 pizza at Aria for quick bites. All of the pools have food that you can order and there are a few good buffets that you might want to hit up.
  • It’s customary to cover the groom’s expenses during a bachelor party, but on a weekend-long Vegas trip, his transportation, food, drinks and lodging can add up to hundreds of dollars. Talk to the other guests before the trip about what you’re all able to contribute. You might opt to cover the groom’s share of the hotel room and buy him dinner but let him buy his own drinks.


  • Before any of you open your first drink, set some ground rules. The phrase “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” become popular for a reason: Some of you might do things in a Vegas bar you don’t want your boss to know about. Talk to everyone about a photo policy. We would just recommend a no photo policy to make it easy, depending on what kind of group you are going with. Or if you are going to take photos, no posting to social media until the Groom has looked at them and even then once you are back home.
  • Use technology to your benefit and start a group chat with everyone that is coming on the trip, use something like What’s App or Group Me (Works via SMS) to keep in contact with everyone.

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