Vegas Pool Season is just around the corner, and we have only one question for you: Are you ready to show some skin and party? Chances are you’re not. Don’t feel bad. Unless you’re a gym rat who’s routine is 2-a-days and eats egg yolks for breakfast, you’re probably a little wider than you were in August. Studies show that the average person gains 7 to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas. That’s not counting the other holiday parties and New Year’s Eve. So when it’s all said and done, honestly, we’ve been packing on the pounds. However, now’s the time to shape up. Nothing’s worse than being terrified of having to take your shirt off at a pool party…okay…there are some things worse than that, but it still sucks. Don’t sweat it, VPS has compiled a list of 5 tips to get in shape for pool season. Follow these and you’ll be washing clothes on your abs in just a few weeks.

1. Eat This, Not That

You want to get shredded? You want your bod to get double takes poolside? Of course you do. Furthermore, looking great on the outside does wonders for the inside, and it all starts with diet. First and foremost, take a break from sugar. Even those $7 organic juices have sugar. It may not be refined craps in soda, but it still gives you that much more to burn, and while you may work hard in the gym, eating and drinking sugar bombs make those workouts pretty much pointless. Cut out soda, juices, candy, pasta, and yes, the golden elixir of life — beer. You’ll get back to it, I promise, but for now, it’s got to go. Lean meats and protein, and select vegetables. Don’t forget to control your portions. Just because you’re eating healthy, doesn’t mean you can stuff yourself. Ever seen an out of shape vegan? We have. Make sure you can see your plate at every meal.

2. Drink This, Not That

The only thing you should be drinking gearing up for pool season is water. Lots and lots of water. You should take in at least eight 8-ounce glasses per day. Next is Protein shakes. These are important meal replacements, and can do wonders for your bod. Guys, make sure your protein shakes don’t contain any soy in them. Soy protein is cheap and ups your estrogen levels, and that’s a good way to grow man-boobs. Coffee and tea. Wake up, get some lava in you. Caffeine is a proven weight loss supplement, and there’s no tastier way to get it than a good ‘ol hot steaming cup of America. Lastly, we’re not drill sergeants, we know you’re going to have cocktail here and there. Obviously no beer, wine coolers, or malt beverages. Get that Zima out of here! If you have to drink during your pool season boot camp, make it vodka or rum (97 calories/shot) and no mixers. Squeeze some lime in there, or take it straight up.

3. Get Your Ass Off The Couch

Have you ever found yourself surfing instagram, checking out the celebs and influencers with incredible bodies and said to yourself, “Well, if I had the time, I could look like that.” Newsflash. Those guys and gals are just like you, except they make the time. Our friend Ray Diaz is an actor, model, influencer, entrepreneur and oh…has his own fitness video company, and still finds time to work out hard 4 – 7 times a week. Your best bet is to head over to and start downloading his vids, and start training. You can see the results on his instagram @raydiaz. Yes, Ray is a beast. Granted. But he wants us all to look and feel great. It’s good to have a workout partner and there’s no one better than Ray. The best part? His specialty is abs. That’s right guys. Train with Ray and get the 8-pack you’ve always wanted.

4. Go To Bed…Now!

The average BMI for short sleepers for people who sleep less than 6 hours is 28.3. That compares to an average BMI of 24.5 for those who sleep 6 hours or more. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that staying up all night playing Call of Duty online is bad for you, but only recently are scientists discovering the crucial link between a good night’s sleep and noticeable weight loss. The problem is that in 2018, chances are you have a laptop, a tablet, and a phone either on your bed or within reach. They’ve got to go. Consider creating a space in your bed for only two things  – sleep and sex. All digital stimulation must be turned off. Don’t kid yourself, you’ve checked your email five times in the past hour. You’ve texted your friends. Tinder can wait, and Facebook, in general, is a total waste of time. We all know it. So get a good night’s rest, and wake refreshed and ready to kill your workout.

5. Take A Chill Pill

One of the most overlooked causes of weight gain is stress. We’ll break it down. Stress releases adrenaline, which tricks your body into thinking you’ve expended energy. Then comes the cortisol, which tells your body you need a refill of energy, even though the only thing you’ve been doing is knitting your brow, and playing with the office fidget spinner. Cortisol is like the diet devil on your shoulder. It doesn’t tell you to grab an apple, it convinces your body it needs sugar and salt. So you hit the vending machines, and once you’ve done that, the body you worked so hard for is f@#$ed. So when you’re stressed, do these three things before falling off the food wagon. Get some quick exercise – push ups, sit ups or a quick jog. Have a filling, high protein breakfast – even if you redline, even your stomach’s full, it will be harder to eat. Finally, close your eyes, and take a power nap. Truth is, stress means you need a break. So take it. After all the work you’ve been doing for that killer body, you’ll deserve it.

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