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When Do Vegas Pool Parties Open for the Season?

When do Vegas Pool Parties open for the season you ask? We get this question a lot so we figured that we would try to provide some answers for you. While most all of the pools will be opening in the beginning to middle of March, don’t expect to see the big-name expensive DJs until right around Cinco de Mayo weekend.

If you are going to be in Vegas before the pool parties are going to be open but still feel like hitting up a pool there are a number of pools that are open year round, although you would have to bring the party.

So there are really two different questions, 1.) when do the pool parties open for the season and 2.) When the Vegas pool party starts to get busy.

We have put together a list of each of the Vegas pool parties and the approximate date that we think that they will open in 2016, based on the date that they opened in 2015.

When Do the Vegas Pool Parties Open?

Currently, these dates are not exact but as we get closer to March, we will update you with the exact dates that each of the pools will be opening. The dates that I have listed below is an estimated date based on the opening dates from previous years.

  • Bare Pool Lounge – usually the second Friday on March 11th
  • Daylight Beach Club – Saturday, March 12th.
  • Drai’s Rooftop Pool Party – Friday, March 4th.
  • Encore Beach Club – Friday, March 4th.
  • Foxtail Pool at SLS Las Vegas – TBD
  • Liquid Pool Lounge -Friday, March 11th
  • Marquee Dayclub -Friday, March 4th
  • Rehab Pool -usually the second Friday in March
  • Tao Beach – usually the second Friday in March
  • Wet Republic – Friday, March 11th – HOT 100 Launch


When Do the Vegas Pool Parties Get Busy?

To answer a question that is not usually asked, but the first real weekend that the pool parties in Las Vegas start to get busy is right around Cinco de Mayo weekend of the first weekend in May. While the pool parties have been open for almost two months, most of the pools book their first big talent booking, I.E. DJ’s, celebrity hosts, and performers starting at the end of April.

When are you coming to Vegas?

If you would like more information about any of the pool parties, nightclubs, pricing, seating selection, or venue recommendations just let us know when you are coming to Vegas. We can assist you with planning bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, corporate events, or just give you pricing for a specific DJ.

I’m Coming to Vegas!

When is _______ Playing this Summer?

If you are interested in seeing a particular DJ like Calvin Harris, David Guetta, or Kaskade sometime this summer, the nightclubs and pool parties in most cases announce the talent line-ups 45 to 60 days in advance. So if you are coming in June the talent will not be announced officially in late April or early May. This is not the case for every venue, but a good rule of thumb.

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Written by Jessie Gibson

Has been in Las Vegas for the past 11 years working in Nightlife both in night clubs and pool parties for the past 8-9 years. I have been working on marketing, promotions and social media marketing & consulting for hospitality industry. I also worked a number of years as a financial analyst for the Hard Rock Hotel and American Casino Entertainment Properties, LLC.


  1. We are coming over from the UK on the 2nd April and would like to know which pool parties would be the best to go to – we are staying at the Aria hotel. Thanks

    • Naomi, i would highly recommend Wet republic, Marquee Dayclub and Encore. Probably the best in Vegas, and you will have so much fun! ENJOY!

  2. Im going for my 21st birthday and I was wondering what hotel I should get or a Suite.
    Also im thinking of going in April don’t know what week ,probably the 2nd week, because of Spring break and the pool parties. My question is what hotel I should book, what week, and what pool parties I should go to?? I heard Wet Republic gets really good.

  3. Approximately what time does a headline dj come on at a pool party in the encore I’m going to see david guetta in May thanks

    • So he will usually go on between 2pm and 3pm, but if you are going to seeing David Guetta at Encore Beach then you need to get there early because they are usually at capacity by 1-130pm.

  4. Hi, we’re looking for a decent pool party for a Thursday 9th april as that’s the only day we’re free! help please 🙂

  5. Hello,

    There are no residencies in July. However, are the day clubs still open the whole month?


  6. 10 of us are in vegas 4th till 9th september,we are looking at Rehab will it be any good then or is that too late

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