If you are coming to Vegas for the Electric Daisy Carnival then you are going to need something to do during the day, below we have put together Tao Beach’s weekend line up for the 2014 EDC Week in Las Vegas. Below you can either purchase tickets or reserve bottle service at Tao Beach.

Tao Beach EDC Weekend Events 2014

Wednesday, June 18th – Lema
Thursday, June 19th – Trigonal
Friday, June 20th – Markus Schulz
Saturday, June 21st – Borgore
Sunday, June 22nd – Carnage

If you are interested in everything that is going on during the week that EDC is in Las Vegas then check out the complete list of EDC Week Events for 2014 in Las Vegas.

Due to the large number of people that come to Vegas this weekend and the fact the Electric Daisy Carnival starts at dusk and goes until dawn the pool parties are the only thing to do in Vegas during the day. This means that is you are interested in hitting up one of these pool parties then you need to purchase tickets to the event or reserve bottle service.

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Electric Daisy Carnival was brought to Las Vegas a number of years ago and brings in a crazy amount of people to Las Vegas, read about the EDC Effect that talks about the crazy amount of money that EDC brings into the Las Vegas market.

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