Diplo will finally be collaborating with Justin Bieber something that has been in the works since October. Diplo has worked for a number of A-list artists of all genres.

Diplo will be laying down the beats for the Justin Bieber and Big Sean collaboration, this might be a great move for Diplo. Diplo already has proved that he can work between pop and R&B with Usher’s “Go Missin” as well as Sia and the Weeknd’s “Elastic Heart.” Diplo has also worked with Lil’ Wayne on the song “Lay It Down,” and “Unstoppable,” by Drake.

Diplo in Las Vegas

If you want to see Diplo live in person, you can see him on a monthly basis in Las Vegas at Surrender Nightclub, XS nightclub and Encore Beach Club when the Vegas Pools open. Diplo also plays in the DJ group Major Lazer that also performs in Vegas at a number of nightclubs like 1Oak and Haze.

If you are planning a trip to Vegas in the upcoming year and want to see Diplo we would recommend waiting until the Vegas pool parties open where you can see him at one Encore Beach Club or Surrender Splash Dance, which is a Thursday night pool parties. Visit more about Diplo.

You can also see Diplo at Surrender Nightclub for New Year’s 2014.

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