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[Music]DJ E-Rock of Liquid pool: 30 Minutes of Nas Mix

So Nas is performing in Vegas on February 1st at Haze nightclub, so listen to DJ E-Rock of Liquid pool: 30 minutes of Nas mix that he just put together. This weekend is Superbowl weekend in Vegas and is a huge weekend and what could be better then seeing Nas perform live?

DJ E-Rock Las Vegas Details

You can catch DJ E-Rock at Liquid pool on Sundays for E-Rocks Sundays! Take a look at the interview that he did with us last year going into his first pool season here. DJ E-Rock resides in San Francisco but you can catch him at Haze nightclub on Saturday nights and Liquid pool lounge on Sundays.

30 Minutes of Nas Track List

  1. If I Ruled the World
  2. Reach Out
  3. Oochie Wally
  4. Flyst Angels
  5. I Can
  6. Nas is Like
  7. Get UR Sell
  8. Street Dreams
  9. One Love
  10. One Mic
  11. Can’t Nobody
  12. Nastradamus
  13. Hate Me Now
  14. Nasty
  15. Dr. Knockbootz
  16. You Know My Style
  17. Ether
  18. Made You Look

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Written by Jessie Gibson

Has been in Las Vegas for the past 11 years working in Nightlife both in night clubs and pool parties for the past 8-9 years. I have been working on marketing, promotions and social media marketing & consulting for hospitality industry. I also worked a number of years as a financial analyst for the Hard Rock Hotel and American Casino Entertainment Properties, LLC.

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