What is Trap Music? How do you define the genre? It’s origin of the Trap genre traditionally rappers like Wakka Flocka, Lex Luger, and Gucci Man would be classified as the original sound of trap. Producers today that are leading the charge within the dance and electronic portion are artists like RL Grimes, Baauer, Flosstradamus, Diplo, and Carnage to name a few. The top 10 Trap Music Innovators, that carried the sound from the underground to mainstream.

What is Trap Music?


Video Credit: Beatport

The Trap genre is characterized by incorporating brass, triangle, snappy snares and hi hats, loud kicks, and 808’s from the Southern Crunk scene. Recent producers have added techno and dub sounds into the music.


You can catch Flosstradamus, Diplo, RL Grime at XS nightclub, Surrender and Encore Beach Club. Carnage plays at Marquee Dayclub & Nightclub and you can find Baauer at Light nightclub.

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