Make sure that you are in Dress Code at Vegas Pool Parties if you want to part in the festivities. Just because you are going to be spending the day outside at a pool party doesn’t mean that you can wear whatever you want. Don’t bother using the “I’m not getting in the pool!” excuse because it is not going to work and they are going to make you go to your room and change or purchase a swim suite at one of the gift shops located in the hotel. There are a couple of things that you are going to want to make sure and wear.

Vegas Pool Party Dress Code

We have included the “Dress Code” as described by Encore Beach Club below:

Ladies dress code Vegas Pool Parties

Dress to impress, no baggy clothing, jeans, or basketball or athletic shorts.  Pool access will be granted to those with proper swim attire, all persons who do not have the proper swim attire will be informed that they are not to enter the pool areas prior to venue entry.

Even  though this may seem like it is saying that they will just tell you that you cannot go into the pool area if you are wearing anything but swimming trunks. Unfortunately this is not the way that things are. The security at most of the pool parties will verify that you have the appropriate swimming attire on. To be on the safe side you are going to want to wear board shorts or swimming trunks, shoes and some kind of nice t-shirt. (some places will not let you in with white t-shirts, etc.)

Things Not to Bring to a Vegas Pool Party

Vegas Pool Party Dress Code Don

There are a number of things that you should not wear to a Vegas Pool Party and they include jeans, sweat pants, basketball/gym shorts, dress shorts, tank tops/wife beaters. Don’t bring a backpack, prescription drugs, eye drops, gum, mints, bottles of water, etc.


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  1. What about a handheld misting fan. Obviously empty when I enter. Also what about basketball jerseys?


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