The Best Vegas Pool Parties by Day of the Week. If you are going to be in Vegas and looking to hit up one of the Best Vegas Pool Parties then you need to make sure that you are going to be at the right pool on the right day.

Monday Vegas Pool Parties

Monday Vegas Pool Party

Monday there are only a couple of pool parties that are worth going to: Bare Pool Lounge, Encore Beach Club and Relax at the Hard Rock Pool.

Tuesday Pool Parties in Vegas

Tuesday Pool Parties in Vegas

This is the worst day in Las Vegas for pool parties. If you must find a pool party on Tuesday then we would recommend Bare Pool, Liquid Pool or Tao Beach. While they are not going to be the busiest venues they are small so they will not feel so empty. Another good pick is the Hard Rock Hotel pool.

Wednesday Pool Parties in Vegas

Wednesday Vegas Pool Parties

Wednesday is another rough day for pool parties in Las Vegas during the day, however Daylight Beach Club has their Eclipse pool party on Wednesday nights at Mandalay Bay. We would recommend Daylight Beach Club at night.

Thursday Pool Parties in Las Vegas

Thursday night Vegas Pool Party

This is basically the start of the weekend and there are a number of pool parties that are decent in during the day. Check out the following pools in Vegas on Thursday: Liquid Pool, Tao Beach and Wet Republic.

Also on Thursday, Surrender Nightclub has their Splash Dance party which is a night time pool party.

Friday Vegas Pool Parties in Vegas

Friday Pool parties in Vegas

All of the pool parties in Vegas are decent but like all things there are decent places and then there are the best places. In recent years the best Friday pool parties have been the Spy-on-Vegas Hot 100 at Wet Republic, Ditch Fridays and Marquee Dayclub. This upcoming Vegas pool season you might want to check out Daylight Beach Club or Wet Republic.

Saturday Pool Parties

Saturday Vegas Pool Parties
Credit: Brenton Ho

Saturday and Sundays are the busiest days of the week in Vegas for pool parties. Since all of the pools are busy you need to make sure and plan ahead because all of the best pool parties in Vegas will sell out. The best options for Saturday are the following: Daylight Beach Club, Encore Beach Club, Liquid Pool, Marquee Dayclub and Wet Republic.

Sunday Pool Party in Vegas

Vegas Pool Parties on Sundays

The best pool parties on Sundays in Las Vegas are Encore Beach Club, Marquee Dayclub, Liquid Pool and Wet Republic. With the busiest pool parties being Encore Beach Club and Wet Republic.

Also on Sunday nights, XS Nightclub has their night time pool party called Night Swim.

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