We have put together a list of The Most Annoying Songs of 2013!

The Most Annoying Songs of 2013

Come & Get It – by Selena Gomez

The Most Annoying Songs of 2013

All that stuttering and auto-tune starts to get a little ridiculous.

Cups – Anna Kendrick

Cups - Anna Kendrick

Hand slapping is clever and cute, but when the song keeps cutting to it, not so much. Plus, the same lyrics are pretty much repeated over and over with almost no variation.

“Gentlemen” – PSY

Gentlemen - PSY

The world could have done without the details of Psy’s sexual exploits and his dubstep beats.

Feel This Moment – Pit Bull featuring Christina Aguilera

Music in Las Vegas

Hasn’t that beat been overused since the ’90s?

Ooh La La – Britney Spears

The Most Annoying Songs of 2013

Smurfs, Britney’s kids and innuendo. No thanks.

Crickets – Drop City Yacht Club

Vegas Pool Parties

Wish they weren’t talking about “us.” No one asked.

Carry You – Union J

New Year

You have your choice of boy bands these days; if you’re really into bare minimum tracks, these guys are for you.

Up in the Air – 30 Seconds to Mars

Most Annoying Songs of 2013


Walk Like Rihanna – The Wanted

The Wanted Las Vegas

They can’t sing or dance. No one cares though. If you like The Wanted you can see them at 1Oak every once in a while.

Wild – Jessie J

Music of 2013

Is she trying to be sexy or grateful for her good fortune? She can’t seem to decide.

W’m Out – Ciara

Ciara in Las Vegas

The combination of Nicki and Ciara makes for too much going on. They don’t mix well. You can see Ciara in Las Vegas at The Bank and 1Oak every so often!

Popular Song – Mika

Vegas Pool Parties 2014

Not even Ariana Grande can save this processed mess about not being the cool kid in school.

Pom Poms – Jonas Brothers

Jonas Brothers Las Vegas

Haven’t the Jonas Brothers been out of high school for years now?

Oath – Cherl Lloyd

Cherl Lloyd Las Vegas

What is she, fourteen? Well then, you know her vows of commitment are totally reliable.

Turn Around – Conor Maynard featuring NeYo

NeYo New Year


The magic of Justin Bieber can’t be made again, sorry Ne-Yo, but you can see NEYO at Pure Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve 2014 in Las Vegas.

Bitches & Bottles – DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled Las Vegas

Sure, lots of rap songs involve alcohol and women. However, most rap songs don’t just repeat the hook over and over in a slurred voice until someone says “Cut!”

Crazy Kids – Ke$ha

Ke$ha Las Vegas

Is this Ke$ha singing or Riff Raff giving a tour of his trailer? You decide. Ke$ha can be seen in Las Vegas through out the year usually at 1Oak.

Beautiful – Mariah Carey featuring Miguel, You can see Miguel at Las Vegas at Tao Nightclub New Year’s Eve.

Live it Up – Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull – Since when has J.Lo been in the spotlight? There’s nothing catchy about this track, while Pitbull and his signature beats just make it worse.

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