This study was done on the most effective way to get served but we adjusted it to the most effective way to get served at one of the busy Vegas pool parties! When you are competing for the bartender’s attention at one Vegas pool parties you will need a decent strategy to get drinks in a timely manner unless of course you reserved a cabana Behavioral researchers have studied the best and worst tactics to use when ordering a drink.

There where 105 customer attempts to order drinks where analyzed by researchers, from Bielefeld University in Germany and Scotland. The researchers watched what the customers were doing 35 seconds before being served and logged it to see what techniques where the most effective to get the bartender’s attention. Their conclusion was that the most effective strategy to get noticed at a busy bar  is to stand squarely to the bar and look directly at the bartender as he/she moved around. You need your body language to communicate you’re “bidding for attention.” These nightclub bars can be super busy so you are going to need to perfect your strategy if you don’t want to plan on spending the entire night waiting in line at the bar.

While that might not be mind-blowing news, it is interesting the tactics that didn’t work. That includes squeezing in between other customers (you might end up waiting even longer), leaning on the bar, looking at a menu or the drinks available, or looking at money. The Telegraph also reports that waving money is a surefire way of not getting served, although it doesn’t hurt to have your money out. Lastly you should make sure and know what you are going to order before getting the bartender’s attention. Nothing makes a bartender skip people at a busy Las Vegas Nightclub bar then not knowing what you are drinking.

While this seems pretty self explanatory, most people don’t really know what they want to drink or are not paying attention.

What to Do to NOT get Served

If you want to spend the day not getting drunk at one of the best Vegas pool parties then do the following when you walk up to one of the busy bars in Las Vegas. The bartender

Waving your hands in the air, screaming the bartenders name, having an attitude when your not served next, or as soon as you walk up to the bar. Cutting in front of others, not having your money ready, not knowing what you want, not knowing what your friends want, splitting the check on different credit cards, telling the bartender how you want your drink, telling the bartender to “hook you up”, ordering a “Strong Island” ordering an “Adios” , stiffing the bartender, saying you can’t taste the alcohol, asking for olives cause your hungry, asking for a glass of water, having an accent, bitching about how much drinks cost, etc, etc.

For more: How to use body language to get served first at a bar via Telegraph

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