Marquee Dayclub Labor Day Weekend 2013 is going to be a great time and if you are planning on coming to Vegas then we recommend that you make a reservation for Kaskade’s Summer Lovin on Sunday, September 2nd.

There are a couple of different ways that you can celebrate your Labor Day Weekend at Marquee Dayclub, the first is to reserve a grand cabana or cabana for the day. The Grand Cabana is the best location at Marquee, they are elevated each with their own infinity pool, air conditioning, safe, fridge(with assortment of waters, juices and teas) and a cocktail server and cabana attendant to ensure that you have everything that you could want while you listen to one of DJs listed below. The minimums on the grand cabanas are going to be the highest of the

After the Grand Cabana, there are cabanas that include almost the exact same features that the grand cabanas do minus the infinity pool. They are also located right across the pool from the Grand Cabanas. Another area to get bottle service at Marquee Dayclub is a daybed. The daybeds are located on the pool deck between the Grand Cabanas and the pool. The daybeds will be the cheapest option for bottle service at Marquee Dayclub.

Marquee Dayclub Labor Day Weekend 2013 Schedule

Friday, August 30th – Dirty Dutch Chuckie
Saturday, August 31st – Gareth Emery
Sunday, September 1st – Kaskade: Summer Lovin – purchase tickets
Monday, September 2nd – SJRM & Seven Lions

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