2014 Top 10 Highest Paid Electronic DJs

So Forbes, has released the highest paid electronic DJs of 2014 and the top DJs are killing it with Calvin Harris topping out the 2014 with a whopping $66 Million. Calvin Harris in Las Vegas produced almost a third of his income. We have put together an infographic showing the Top 10 Highest Paid Electronic DJs.

The top 10 highest paid DJs annual earnings increased approximately 11% in 2014 to $268 million where the 2013 Highest paid DJ earned $241 million.

Highest Paid Electronic DJs 2014

Top 10 Highest Paid Electronic DJs of 2014

  1. Calvin Harris – $66.0 Million
  2. David Guetta – $30.0 Million
  3. Tie: Avicii & Tiesto – $28.0 Million
  4. Steve Aoki – $23 Million
  5. Afrojack – $22.0 Million
  6. Zedd – $21.0 Million
  7. Kaskade – $17.0 Million
  8. Skrillex – $16.5 Million
  9. Deadmau5 – $16.0 Million
  10. Hardwell – $13.0 Million

Highest Paid DJ’s Playing in Las Vegas

  1. Calvin Harris at Wet Republic
  2. David Guetta at Encore Beach Club
  3. Avicii at Encore Beach Club | Tiesto at Wet Republic 
  4. Steve Aoki at Wet Republic
  5. Afrojack at Wet Republic
  6. Zedd at Encore Beach Club
  7. Kaskade at Marquee Las Vegas
  8. Skrillex
  9. Deadmau5 at Encore Beach Club / XS nightclub
  10. Hardwell at Wet Republic

Nightclub TicketsAll of the DJs on this list play in Las Vegas almost on a monthly basis. Almost all of them also play both pool parties AND nightclubs in Las Vegas.

If you are interested in seeing one of these DJs in Las Vegas you can check out our upcoming events pages on our website or just email us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have regarding

Source: 2014 Electronic Cash Kings, here.

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Written by Jessie Gibson

Has been in Las Vegas for the past 11 years working in Nightlife both in night clubs and pool parties for the past 8-9 years. I have been working on marketing, promotions and social media marketing & consulting for hospitality industry. I also worked a number of years as a financial analyst for the Hard Rock Hotel and American Casino Entertainment Properties, LLC.


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