Today Tiesto officially announced his 20 month residency at Hakkasan Las Vegas and Wet Republic with an interview in Rolling Stone Magazine! According to the Rolling Stone interview, Tiesto said “I’m going to dedicate my year to Las Vegas. Just Vegas, maybe a couple of festivals. I haven’t decided yet.”

“With the scene blowing up in America, Vegas is so much fun now,” he says. “It’s the right time to do it. I do everything on my gut feeling, and I felt like it’s gonna be awesome there. I’ve been to Ibiza for 10 years, and I love Ibiza, but I always look for something new and a new challenge.” Read Rolling Stone Interview.

Tiesto’s residency will be a 20 month deal with MGM Grand, where Tiesto will perform more than 20 daytime shows at Wet Republic and more than 40 shows at Hakkasan Las Vegas. Tiesto plans on delivering a new show each week to keep audiences on their toes. In addition to a new show each week he intends on bringing in fresh talent with some of his new DJs every week.

The rest of the time Tiesto, plans on spending in the studio where he can really produce other people’s albums and songs.

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