So if it wasn’t enough that Drais Beach Club is opening on the roof at the Cromwell and their capacity is 5,000 people with the nightclub and dayclub that features cabanas with private pools and bathrooms with showers.

In a city known for being over-the-top Drai’s Beach Club has has made headlines for its “game-changing” VIP bottle service menus with their ‘Luxury Package’ that starts at 5k and and goes up and it gets you Dom Perigon Luminous champagne and a custom light show just for your table. If you are not really into drinking champagne then you can order Drai’s Beach Club Spray package which includes between 10 and a hundred bottles of champagne for spraying. You can view the menus below:

Drai’s Beach Club Fireworks Shows

If you are really looking to make a scene then you can order one of Drai’s fireworks packages that starts between $20k and $100k.

Private Jet to Dria’s Beach Club

If you have an extra $737,000 laying around you can charter your own Boeing 737 and bring 50 of your closest friends to Las Vegas where you will be treated with your very own fireworks show as well as a table full of Champagne.

Making Reservations at Dria’s Beach Club

If you are interested in making a reservation for bottle service just visit the Drai’s Beach Club Bottle Service page, complete the form and someone will be in contact with you with pricing and availability regarding your upcoming Vegas trip.

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