When do Vegas Pool Parties Open 2018

When Do Vegas Pool Parties Open for the Season?

When do Vegas Pool Parties open for the season you ask? We get this question a lot so we figured that we would try to provide some answers for you. While most all of the pools will be opening in the beginning to middle of March, don’t expect to see the big-name expensive DJs until …

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Get Your Instagram On Vegas Pool Season

Vegas Pool Season will now be posting the best Instagrams we find, on our site!! Here is all you need to do. ┬áSimply #VegasPoolSeason the next time you are at your favorite Vegas pool party, along with a # of which pool you are at, and you could find your picture up on Vegas Pool …

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Las Vegas Pools

Wet Republic Jobs

It is already, “that time of year,” again, Wet Republic Jobs. If you are looking for Jobs in Vegas, then you should take a look at the “Vegas Pool Auditions” which a number of the Vegas Pools have each year. This year Wet Republic will be having their Job Auditions starting on Monday, January 14th to Thursday 17th and again Wednesday, January 23rd to Friday January 25th. The auditions will be held from 12pm to 6pm and will be limited to 100 applicants each day.

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