When do Vegas Pool Parties Open 2018

When Do Vegas Pool Parties Open for the Season?

When do Vegas Pool Parties open for the season you ask? We get this question a lot so we figured that we would try to provide some answers for you. While most all of the pools will be opening in the beginning to middle of March, don’t expect to see the big-name expensive DJs until …

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Drais Beach Club Las Vegas Opening Memorial Day

Drais Beach Club is opening Memorial Day Weekend

Drais Beach Club is opening Memorial Day Weekend at what was once Bill’s Gambling Hall. Drais Beach Club will be opening up at the Cromwell and is the first stand-alone boutique hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. Drais is currently projected at being a 65,000 square foot space that will be both indoor and outdoor. …

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Encore Beach Club Opening

Encore Beach Club Opening Day 2014 | Vegas Pool Parties

It is that time of the year again and opening day at Encore Beach Club of 2014 is happening on Friday, March 14th. We can’t wait until the weather warms up in Vegas so that we can enjoy the pool at Encore Beach Club and some of their new resident DJs like Grammy Award winner …

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Is this the end of Auto Gratuity?

Is this the end of auto gratuity in Vegas?

This new IRS rule might mean the end of the automatic gratuity that has become so custom in Las Vegas nightclub and Vegas pool parties. Every Las Vegas nightclub server knows the beauty of the automatic gratuity. That $500 bottle of Grey Goose that gets a 20 percent auto-grat is the key to a far …

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The Types of People You Will Find in Vegas

Over 40 million people visit Las Vegas each year to gamble, go to nightclubs, see shows and visit the Vegas pool parties! Below are the different types of people you will find in Vegas pool parties. If you are like us we can’t wait for the pool parties in Vegas to open, check out When …

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