Encore Beach Club in April 2014 will bring to Las Vegas some of the best DJs in the world including their new resident Zedd, Avicii, David Guetta and Major Lazer!

If you are planning a trip to Vegas in 2014 then April is a great time to come out but you are going to want to plan ahead if you are planning on hitting up one of the events listed below. You can purchase tickets to one of the events listed below or if you are more interested in setting up a cabana, daybed or lounge table. If you have not been to Encore Beach Club or Las Vegas for that matter and you are not sure the best place for you and your party then you can request more information and someone will be in touch with you to help you answer any questions that you might have about any of the pool parties in Vegas.

If you have already been to Vegas and just need to get the pricing for bottle service you can request a a VIP host and someone will contact with you to help you get your trip set up!

Encore Beach Club in April

Friday, April 4th – AN21
Saturday, April 5th – David Guetta
Sunday, April 6th – Major Lazer

Friday, April 11th – VICE
Saturday, April 12th – David Guetta
Sunday, April 13th – Zedd

Friday, April 18th – Deniz Koyu
Saturday, April 19th – Avicii
Sunday, April 20th – Redfoo

Friday, April 25th – Max Vangeli
Saturday, April 26th – Avicii
Sunday, April 27th – Zedd

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