So we have put together a little comparison the Cost of a Vegas trip: guys vs girls spend for a Weekend in Vegas these days for pretty much the same experience. It seems that Las Vegas is always busy and this got us to thinking about what it really costs for a group of people to come to Vegas for the Weekend. We have taken a fun weekend that would consist of flights and hotel which is pretty consistent for both guys and girls. Where the difference starts is in the going out. From the time that guys head out to a pool party they are require to spend a certain amount of money just to have a space to sit. This minimum is dependent on the number of guys, the venue, DJ, weekend and location of the table.

Cost of Visiting Vegas: guys vs girls

Cost of a Vegas Trip: Guys vs Girls

While guys have to pay cover to get into a pool party, groups of girls are usually comped. In addition to not having to pay cover, the girls will usually get some drink tickets or be able to take advantage of an open bar and sometimes depending on the group of girls they will get a comp bottle. There are also a number of restaurants that do cheaper or pre fixe menus that are either comped or much cheaper than a normal meal.

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