Tiesto and David Guetta are two of the top DJs in Vegas that play on a regular basis. Tiesto and David Guetta like traditional pop stars, they tour the globe pocketing every last cent they can from any venue willing to pay. It used to be that even big name DJs booked a gig once or twice a week at best or, more commonly, held an exclusive residency at a single nightclub. Their rise in popularity has significantly increased demand.

Now, megastar DJs book enough dates to refer to their schedules as tours. Many of them still have residencies so calling it a tour may not be entirely accurate, but they rack up a ton of frequent flyer miles going back and forth between their anchor cities.  For example, this past summer Avicii and David Guetta flew back and forth between Las Vegas and Ibiza once a week.

First class and private jets seem glamorous but these luxuries don’t entirely assuage grueling travel requirements.  Think about the typically linear tour schedule of an entertainer like Jay-Z who works his way across countries in a logical way.  A weekend of dates in Boston precedes a weekend of dates in New York City, with a stop or two during the week in Connecticut or Long Island. DJs, on the other hand, jump all over the globe.  Las Vegas and Miami are the epicenters of their activity year-round with periodic Ibiza trips thrown in during the summer months.

Over the New Year’s holiday, Tiesto and David Guetta were in serious demand. The two biggest names in EDM gave new meaning to the word “jetlag”:

Tiesto and David Guetta’s New Year’s Eve Holiday Tour Schedule

Date Tiesto Tour David Guetta Tour
Friday Dec 27 Toronto (Direct Energy Centre) with Steve Angello, Laidback Luke & Max Vangeli XS Nightclub
Saturday Dec 28 Atlantic City (Borgata) Miami (LIV)
Sunday Dec 29 MGM Grand Atlantic City (Borgata)
Monday Dec 30 Denver (Decadence Festival) Dominican Republic (Hard Rock)
Tuesday Dec 31 Miami (LIV) St. Barths (Nikki Beach)
Wednesday Jan 1 Off Off
Thursday Jan 2 Off Camboriu, Brazil (Green Valley)
Friday Jan 3 Off Guaruja, Brazil (Arena Verao)
Saturday Jan 4 MGM Grand Punta del Este, Uruguay (Parque El Jaguel)
Sunday Jan 5 MGM Grand Florianopolis, Brazil (Music Park)

Tiesto and David Guetta Touring Info:

  • Both Tiesto and Guetta logged a lot of airtime on their private jets: over 7,000 miles for Tiesto and a whopping 10,000 miles for Guetta, discounting other quick stops.
  • They both do a good job of squeezing in smaller shows in advance of the big headline grabbing shows in Miami or Las Vegas.  Tiesto did a 90-minute set at Decadence in Denver on a day that could have easily been a travel day from Las Vegas to Miami.  On that same day, Guetta played the Hard Rock in the Dominican Republic when he could have easily gotten to St. Barths a day early for some fun in the sun.
  • Tiesto played seven times in ten days and three of the nights were at MGM Grand. Meanwhile Guetta didn’t play the same venue twice. In fact, he played in five countries!


You can catch Tiesto in Las Vegas almost on a weekly basis during the winter months at MGM Grand at Wet Republic when the Vegas pool parties open up for the season.


David Guetta can be seen in Las Vegas at XS nightclub in the colder months and Encore Beach Club when the Vegas pools open for the year. David Guetta doesn’t have as many dates in Las Vegas as Tiesto but he is usually there on the big weekends like Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day, Labor Day and New Year’s to name a few.

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