About Electric Family

If there’s one thing Electric Family is passionate about, it’s people. Really, the core of this company is to – in big or small ways – improve the lives of others. By teaming up with “Feeding America” we’ve vowed to contribute a portion of all sales towards families and individuals who can’t afford to put food on the table and need our help. As a small company, working to make a big impact we only really know a few things for sure. 1. We can’t do this overnight and 2. We definitely can’t do this alone. By joining together as a family to help others, we know we can make a difference and hopefully inspire other people to do the same. And that’s really what we’re all about.

About Drais Beach Club & Nightclub

Reinventing the Vegas experience, Drai’s Beach Club Nightclub is built upon the fundamental principles of sophistication, innovation, and pure authenticity. Crowning the Cromwell Hotel & Casino, Drai’s will be located on the famous corner of Las Vegas Blvd. and Flamingo, soon to be the cradle of Vegas nightlife resurgence. The roof’s exclusive pool deck features dynamic amenities including 25 lavishly dressed cabanas, 8 luxury pools, and offers a seductive environment of glamour and comfort. The design of Drai’s Nightclub is on a scale entirely new, with provocative interiors of deep purples and golds, wall to wall LED screens, Visual FX artfully placed and designed around the centerpiece in a radial pattern, emanating rays of light throughout the room. With a 360 degree rooftop atmosphere, the club and it’s 4,500 guests will take center stage awed by the design, the technology, the music, and service.

About The EDM.com

A central hub for all things pertaining to Electronic Dance Music, The EDM Network maintains a singular goal of ‘evening the playing field’ for talented artists across the length and breadth EDM, and creating for them a means of generating revenue streams capable of sustaining their continued pursuit of music. One of the largest and most powerful platforms for independent music promotion in the world, The EDM Network generates over 1,000,000 plays per day for artists of all sizes and styles. With over a million loyal, active, and highly engaged subscribers (now growing at over 120,000 new followers per month), The EDM Network has the ability to curate the hottest new material for a massive international audience, allowing for a rapid acceleration of artist growth and development on a truly unprecedented scale.

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