Vegas Pool Season

Upcoming Pool Parties in October 2014

Upcoming Pool Parties Vegas

It is October and the pool parties in Las Vegas are starting to close for the winter, so we have put together a complete list of the upcoming pool parties in October of 2014. While there are a number of pools in Las Vegas that are open all year round, the pool parties will be closing this month and making way for the brunching / dayclubs season.

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Upcoming Pool Party Event in October 2014

Saturday, October 4th

Sunday, October 5th

Friday, October 10th

Saturday, October 11th

Sunday, October 12th

Friday, October 17th – Hart & Huntington’s Rocktober SX Kickoff Party – Tickets

Saturday, October 18th – Rock Star Beer Fest Electro Rock Edition – Tickets

What to do when the pools close?

Another pool party season is coming to an end and while there is not many things as fun as Vegas in the summer time, there is a new rise of party brunches and dayclubs like XIV Vegas Sessions, Ghostbar Dayclub and Lavo Brunch.

Also Marquee Dayclub is launching their dayclub under the dome with Markus Schulz on Sunday October 12th.


Beyond the pool parties in Vegas you will find all of the DJs that played at the pools now playing at the nightclubs and day parties. We will be release a guide to Las Vegas nightclubs soon. If you would like to notified when the nightlife guide is completed you can sign up for our guide to Vegas pool parties and we will email you once it is finished.

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