Osteria Costa @ The Mirage

Osteria Costa brings the taste of handmade pastas, fresh seafood and bold Italian wine to the Mirage Hotel. Inspired by the cuisine of the Amalfi coast, Osteria Costa bakes fresh focaccia bread daily.  They also mix their very own vintage of limoncello. In addition, they make their own mozzarella cheese, meatballs, and pizza dough. The lasagna tastes out of this world. Furthermore, the chicken parmesan is the best in the city. There’s Italian food and then there’s Osteria Costa. Choose wisely.

Written by Paul Fontana

He lives in Los Angeles, but travels to Las Vegas at least twice a month to reboot. When he’s not writing, he can be found at the nearest pool bar, staying cool and perfecting his signature cocktail, the Midnight, with the mixologists of Sin City. He’s been known to disappear for days, only to return with a must-eat culinary gem, and while he believes nobody’s perfect, he’s pretty sure we can get damn close with the right pair of sunglasses.

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