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Rehab Pool Party Announces 2014 Line Up

Rehab Pool Party 2014 Line Up

So Rehab pool party just announced their 2014 line up for their Sundays and Saturdays starting this year. Rehab pool is located at the Hard Rock Hotel pool and is pretty much the pool party that started all of the pool parties in Vegas.

Rehab looks like they will also be doing what they are calling the Bikini Invitational which will be starting on May 10th with the Grand Finale happening on September 6th. While we do not have any information about this contest, we can imagine that they are giving away a little bit of money each week with the winner of each week being invited back for the Grand Finale and the chance to win a bunch of money.

This year it seems that all of the pool parties in Vegas are releasing their line up in advance. We have added a list of all of the best events that have been announced so far at Rehab pool party in 2014.

Rehab Pool Party 2014 Line Up

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