When Do Vegas Pool Parties Open for the Season?

When do Vegas Pool Parties open for the season you ask? We get this question a lot so we figured that we would try to provide some answers for you. While most all of the pools will be opening in [...]


Daylight Beach Club Opening Weekend

Daylight Beach Club Opening Weekend in 2016 will be Saturday, March 13th. They just recently announced the lineup for their opening weekend and the rest of March that includes DJ Erock, Stafford [...]


Vegas Pool Party Closing Dates

While we do not know the exact Vegas pool party closing dates, but we can estimate when we think that the pools will be closing for the season based on prior years. The one thing that will be [...]


MLK Weekend at Marquee Dayclub Dome – Jeremih

If you are getting as antsy for pool parties as we at VPS are then this is the event for you at Marquee Dayclub on Sunday, January 18th starting at 1:00pm. Marquee Dayclub brings back their [...]


Upcoming Pool Parties in October 2014

It is October and the pool parties in Las Vegas are starting to close for the winter, so we have put together a complete list of the upcoming pool parties in October of 2014. While there are a [...]


7 Reasons Why Summer is Best in Las Vegas

Obviously we think that the pool parties are what make summer time the best in Las Vegas and we found some information to back it up. Check out the infographic that shows the seven reasons why [...]


Win Comp Entry to Drai’s Beach Club with 3Lau – July 12th

Enter to win complimentary entry to the EDM.com and Electric Family Vegas Take Over at Dria’s Beach Club. To enter the contest just enter your email address and you will be entered. You can [...]


Daylight Beach Club Upcoming Events June 2014

If you are coming to Vegas in June then are definitely going to want to check out Daylight Beach Club at Mandalay Bay. In the June of 2014 Daylight Beach Club will bring Alesso, Krewella, GTA and [...]

Calvin Harris Las Vegas, Wet Republic, Hakkasan, Omnia

Calvin Harris at Wet Republic will play 22 dates and 46 dates in Las Vegas over the course of 20 months. He will play 46 dates at Hakkasan itself, as well as 22 additional dates at Wet [...]


Encore Beach Club in May 2014

Check out Encore Beach Club in May! In 2014, Encore Beach Club will be opening up on Thursday nights for what they are calling Encore Beach Club at Night, which will be starting on Thursday, May [...]