So you and the wolf pack are headed to Vegas. You’ve worked hard all week, and now it’s time to reap the benefits. Back in the day, you could toss some t-shirts and jeans into a bag, some hair product, and Drakkar Noir, and you’d be good to go. Not anymore. Vegas is now the nightlife capital of the world. Elegance and Class are paramount.

Visitors often come to Las Vegas thinking they’re on vacation, so they want to relax and dress accordingly. During the day, that might be fine, but at night, you’ll need to look your best, and that goes for both the dudes and the dudettes. The right clothes and right accessories can be the difference when it comes access of all kinds. Have no fear, is here with a checklist for both men and women. Remember to prepare and leave nothing to chance. That way you can have a worry-free weekend in Vegas to remember.


Clothes –

1 slick suit. Not mandatory, but a good idea when you want to impress, especially if you’re single. Even if you’re hitched, the wife will appreciate seeing you look sharp for something other than the day you were married.

3 collared shirts. Again, pressed, and starched. The only wrinkles should be the creases in your hundred dollar bills. Assorted t-shirts that are not simply undershirts. Our motto for the guys: Make the effort to look effortless.

2 pairs of dress pants. 1 pair of jeans. If you’re doing it right, the jeans should be only reserved for the day. In fact, if you’re really on point, you should never be wearing jeans.

1 kick-ass swimsuit, board shorts only. No banana hammocks for men, or mankinis, unless your name is Borat.

Shoes –

1 pair of dress shoes, not sneakers, for the club, and posh dinners.

1 pair Flip flops for poolside. Not the ones that substitute for your dog’s chew toy. The ones you actually wouldn’t be ashamed to wear.

1 pair walking shoes. These can be sneakers, but not the beat up chucks.

Accessories –

Sunglasses – Cool shades go a long way. These are probably the most important accessory. They protect your eyes and attract attention. Choose wisely, and no, they don’t belong on the back of your head.

Sunscreen – A bad sunburn will ruin the whole weekend. Nevada has some of the highest ultraviolet radiation levels in the nation, so be safe and make sure you cover the only skin you got.

Aspirin – or whatever you need the next morning for the inevitable hangover.

USB Phone Charger – bring an extra one of these because you’ll lose the one you forgot to bring.


Clothes –

Sundresses – these are easy to slip into in the morning, and you can have your swimsuit on underneath it for impromptu trips to the pool.

Fancy Dress – this is a must-have. Clubs and nice restaurants are becoming more and more stringent with there dress codes. Besides, Vegas is one of the few towns where it’s acceptable to go all out at night. Be as reckless as you want to be.

1 Skirt – for when you want to go out during the day and be comfortable.

A Cotton Sweater – it gets cold at night in Nevada, and having a light sweater is always a good idea.

1 pair of jeans – files this under just-in-case. You’ve got a favorite pair, might as well bring ‘em along for the ride.

2 swimsuits – for variety and in case one gets dirty.

Bras & Underwear – as sexy as you want them to be. Also a pair, or two of casual under gear.

Shoes –

1 pair for the epic night out – heels or flats, something fancy and eye-catching.

1 pair for walking – you walk a lot in Vegas. Be comfortable or pay the price.

1 pair for poolside – plenty of options here, just make sure you can slip in and out of them easily.

Accessories –

USB Charger – you’ll one of these in the first hour in Sin City…don’t worry, everyone does

Extra Earbuds – you’ll leave these at the pool.

Extra Hair Ties – You can never have to many.

Makeup – even if you don’t wear make-up, bring some. Never know what you’ll look like the morning after.

Advil  – because morning arrives way too soon.

Hair Dryer – Obviously.

Birth Control – we’re not being presumptuous, but the last thing you need is a baby.

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