Surrender Nightclub compliments the It seems like an addition to the Encore casino as it sits silently behind revolving doors. Depending on what the night of the week will depend on whether the DJ booth is inside or outside of the nightclub.

The entrance to the nightclub is located between the high-limit table games and Andrea’s restaurant inside of the Encore Las Vegas. When you come in the front door you will see the DJ booth, the huge snake sculpture behind the bar and the go-go dancers on the poles throughout the indoor area. The dance floor is located through out the middle of the nightclub from the DJ booth to the outdoor area.

Surrender Nightclub

Surrender Nightclub at Encore Las Vegas

The outdoor area of Surrender nightclub is the Encore Beach Club during the day and doubles as the outdoor area at night. In the winter time, they place a platform over the middle of the pool, cover it and heat it. The outdoor area is kept warm and inviting. If gambling is your thing you can get your fix inside the gaming pavilion that is located in the outside section of the nightclub.

Surrender Nightclub Details


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