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Omnia Nightclub is located at Caesar’s Palace taking the place of Pure Nightclub that was a staple in Las Vegas for so many years. They completely remodeled the venue including Munch Bar that was also changed to one of their new restaurant brands from San Diego called Searsucker.

The entrance to the nightclub includes video walls and the moment that you step inside Omnia’s main room you will see the main room with the one-of-a-kind chandelier. The Chandelier was designed by Willie Williams, who primarily has worked on concert tours for most of his career. Williams and Andy Taylor were tasked by Hakkasan Group “to create a game-changer, a nightclub that raised the bar so high, every other nightclub in not only Vegas, but the world, would need binoculars to even see the underside of the bar.”

OMNIA Nightclub Kinetic Chandelier

Photo Credit: Rukes.com

The Chandelier, who Williams calls a kinetic chandelier and proposed the idea of concentric rings with three categories of function: to move the lighting system, support the central strings of LED crystals, and simply as decoration. (Read the full interview with Willie Williams.)

OMNIA is split up between the main room, the balcony, their outdoor patio and the Heart of the OMNIA. If you are looking to see one of the many DJs that they have on their roster then you are going to want to be in the main room or balcony. If you are looking for hip-hop then you are going to want head to the Heart of Omnia where you can listen to the very best DJs playing top 40 and hip hop. If you are worried about being in the side room of a nightclub then don’t because the Heart of Omnia is bigger than some of the other nightclubs on the Vegas Strip.

Fun Facts About OMNIA Chandelier

  • All eight rings are composed of frosted vaccu—formed plastic and have a pearl mouse gray interior finish.
  • The total weight of the chandelier is 13,000lbs.
  • From concept to completion, a total of 22,000 hours, 2.5 years went into the making of the chandelier.
  • The largest “lighting ring,” number eight, is approximately 32′ in diameter and weighs 4,750lbs.
  • The smallest ring is approximately 13′ in diameter and weighs 2,000lbs.
  • The “penny rolls” rings—five, six, and seven—are approximately 17′, 21′, and 25′-6″ in diameter, respectively, and their combined weight is 4,500lbs.
  • The “chandelier” center rings—one, two, and three— are approximately 3, 5′, and 7′ in diameter, respectively,m and their combined weight is 1,750lbs.
  • A total of 21 winches in the grid allow the rings to effortlessly move through the space.
  • The weight including the winches in the grid is approximately 22,000lbs.
  • Winches run at 1m per second.
  • 20,152 individual tri-color LED pixels are used in the chandelier.
  • There is a total of approximately 2,250′ of cable, about the length of 2.3 cruise ships, holding up the rings.
  • A total of 357 crystals on the center three rings make up the crystal chandelier, 102 of them internally lit with 2,448 individual LED pixels.
  • 60,000 individual acrylic “mini-ice-crystals” are embedded in the clamshells that comprise the lit crystals on the chandelier portion of the rings.
  • More than 1/4 mile of control wiring was used in the chandelier for LED alone.

OMNIA Nightclub Details

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