With summer approaching, we wanted to find out what was going to be some of the trends for hair this pool season. We sat down with celebrity hairstylist Brannon of Brannonhair to figure out how to stay sexy at the day club this year. We also asked him, how do we keep those golden blonde locks from getting that brutal green tinge from too much chlorine. This is what he had to say……

First of all, if you are going to have sexy hair in the heat of the summer, it has to be natural.  You cannot have hair that is over done. It would be like wearing evening makeup to the gym, it just does not work. Keep it simple by enhancing what your hair  does naturally. If your hair has curl, just enhance it with some simple products like O&M  “Style Guru”. This product will define the hair while giving it a healthy look.

Wet Republic

My favorite product for summer hair is O&M “Surf Bomb”. Have you ever noticed how great your hair looks after a day at the beach?  The reason is a micro enzyme that lives in sea water that is a a natural volumizer. Surf bomb has some of the same ingredients, giving you that day at the beach look, while at your favorite pool.

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For those of you blondes who want to know how to get rid of that green tinge you sometimes get after too many days in the pool, it’s simple. If you use tomato sauce in your hair, like you would use a deep conditioner, this will bring back your golden locks to their natural glow. The reason this happens is because of an unbalance level of your hairs PH. It’s science, and it’s boring.  Just know that it works.

So remember to keep it natural this summer by enhancing what your hair does on its own, and you will have much more time enjoying yourself, and less time being frustrated about hair your hair looks.

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