4th of July

Fourth of July

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate the 4th in Las Vegas, but what makes this city so unique is their ability keep up with all-time greatness. From spectacular fireworks displays across town and celebrations that would put any other resort town ($wink) on notice; there’s no shortage when it comes time for holiday festivities …

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When Do Vegas Pool Parties Open for the Season?

When do Vegas Pool Parties open for the season you ask? We get this question a lot so we figured that we would try to provide some answers for you. While most all of the pools will be opening in the beginning to middle of March, don’t expect to see the big-name expensive DJs until …

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Top 5 Super Bowl Parties in Vegas

Whether you’re a Pats Fan, or you’re gunning for Philly, Superbowl Sunday is almost here, and its predicted to be the most watched game in history. So, how do you decide where to celebrate? There’s the usual party your friends have every year, or you could throw your own Superbowl shindig, but that’s a lot …

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Parties you don’t want to miss during AVN 2018

It’s that time of year again. When porn stars and purveyors of pleasure from around the world descend onto the city built with them in mind. The AVN Adult Entertainment Expo is just around the corner, and sin city will be flashing even more skin than usual. Hosted at The Hard Rock Casino and Hotel …

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Where to Party during CES

CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, has arrived in Las Vegas once again. Beginning January 9th, all you tech heads, entrepreneurs and future rulers of the world will descend on our fair city to inspect the latest and greatest of the electronics world. Whether you’re looking for a drone to follow you around 24-7, or still …

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Las Vegas Pools Open Year Round

We have put together a list of our favorite Las Vegas pools open year-round! Unfortunately, all of the Vegas Pool Parties have closed for the season, but there are a number of pools on the strip that you can enjoy year round! While there are a bunch of pools that are open year round we have …

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