Mandalay Bay Pool

The Wave Pool at Mandalay Bay Pool | Family Pools in Las Vegas

If you are heading to Vegas and looking for more of a family pool then the wave pool at Mandalay Bay pool is where you are going to want to go. The wave pool is located right in the middle of the Mandalay Bay pool that features 1.6 million gallon and 2,700 tons of real …

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Is this the end of Auto Gratuity?

Is this the end of auto gratuity in Vegas?

This new IRS rule might mean the end of the automatic gratuity that has become so custom in Las Vegas nightclub and Vegas pool parties. Every Las Vegas nightclub server knows the beauty of the automatic gratuity. That $500 bottle of Grey Goose that gets a 20 percent auto-grat is the key to a far …

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Encore Beach Club 2014 Auditions | Las Vegas Pool Jobs

Encore Beach Club 2014 Auditions have been announced for the 2014 Vegas pool season. If you are are interested in working at Encore Beach Club in 2014 then you are going to need submit your application online at The auditions will be held on Tuesday, January 21st and Wednesday January 22nd. EBC is one of …

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Sander van Doorn Las Vegas

Sander van Doorn – Right Here Right Now (Original Mix)

Check out Sander van Doorn the owner of Doorn Records latest track called “Right Here Right Now” that premiered over the weekend by Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1. This track sees the Dutch megastar place vocals over his once purely instrumental original. The familiar melodic chords are present and in full effect, but the uncredited …

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